Archive | February, 2014

[Coach Randle] Day 1 in Barcelona

So I just finished my first day here in Spain…What a great experience!…It’s good to go to a place where I don’t get beat up and ridiculed for the way I train…a place that understands me…or shall I say, a place that I understand… It’s funny…here we have coaches from Finland, Poland, Estonia, Spain and [...]

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The Ultimate Prize!

Let’s face it…when it comes to female soccer here in the United States the “eye on the prize” is still College Soccer…getting them that free ride so that they go to college on the Universities dime… Since the rest of the world has yet to put in female soccer academies with the success and infrastructure [...]

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The Ultimate Compliment!

I had my U9 girls team scrimmage my U8 boys team this past weekend in Moreno Valley… The cool thing about Moreno Valley is that they have a special needs soccer program called “Bill’s Special Kids Sports For Special Needs Kids” they run every Saturday with the help of University of Riverside’s Girls Soccer Program… [...]

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