Archive | March, 2014

Are You Ever Going to Teach These Kids Technique?

So just this week I had a coach observing my U9 Girls training session… I opened the session like I do most of the time with a coordination exercise…some basic running and jumping with changes of direction… From there I broke them off into small groups to work on a possession support drill with the [...]

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Practice What You Preach

Today I will officially move one of my U9 girls back down to her age group at U8. Why? Because it is the right thing to do for her development.  She will be able to excel and grow at a much faster rate with her own age group, while still learning and playing under my [...]

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Where I Start with My Young Teams

So I just started training some of the new girls on my U8 going U9 team.  I’m pretty excited because at first glance I have quite a bit of talent. Now when I say talent, at this stage all I am really looking for are coordinated girls with athleticism, a good attitude and supportive parents. [...]

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