[Balance: Situational Awareness Game] U9 and Above

This is a game I use for my kids that are U9 and above.  In this game, the real objective of the game is for the offensive players to be aware of what is going on around them.  Not only do they need to maintain awareness of where the defenders are, but they must know at all times where their teammates are as well.  When a teammate passes the ball, they must then move into the space of another teammate without the ball in support.  That teammate must recognize that and move to the open square to balance the field.  This concept teaches players how to coordinate movement in and out of each others space.

Take a look below and let me know what you think.

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Coach Randle


Balancing The Field

Training Type:  Possession

Training Space: 20 yards by 20 yards with 4 equal 10 x 10 yard squares

Teams:  4 v 2 offensive superiority


  1. Each offensive player must occupy their own square.
  2. Players must pass ball and move into one of the three other zones
  3. Players can’t move into zone where they passed.

4.   When offensive team loses the ball, the defense returns ball.  Offensive team will play for a specified amount of time.

Objective:  Attacking player must pass the ball and move into a new space.  Whoever is in the space that they just filled, must now move into the space they left open.

Concepts:  Players must move in and out of space to provide better support for their teammates. They exit space when their teammates enter.

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