Soccer and Business: Are They Really One in the Same?

Take a look at this business article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

It’s funny how business and sports are really just one in the same.  Most people think of a sports coach as someone who will teach their kid how to play that particular sport.

But that is really just a superficial and flawed definition.  Before I am a coach, I am an educator, a mentor and a facilitator.  After that I am a coach.

The easy part about all of this is knowing what to teach.  The tough part is how to formulate a plan or system in which you can keep today in perspective without losing sight of tomorrow and the future.

The trying thing for me is the when, the where, and the how.  Cause again, I already know what to do.  Getting young kids to buy into me, to trust me and to be motivated by me is all a product of the overall system.

Like I have said before, my goal isn’t to win the State Cup in any year.  It may be for my parents, and it is definitely that for my kids.  However, that is just a Goal.

I have always looked to play the bigger game.  The system I have set up is a slow and arduous one.  Things come much more slowly, but they last for a lifetime.

When they talk about loop backs in the article it just makes me laugh because business and coaching processes are one in the same.  I always loop back to see if my kids are grasping the things they are being taught.  Does their level of play reflect the trainings?  Are they grasping the concepts I put forth?  Are the concepts transferring into their competitions?

And remarkably, that all has nothing to do with winning or losing. To set a goal of winning the State Cup is not conducive to sound development.  That is only looking ahead 12 months when the prize is 10 years away.

Regardless of all else, luck will play a huge factor in whomever wins the State Cup. Will it be the best team?  It very seldom is.  Because at these young ages a lucky kick from 20 yards over a goalies head can be the difference maker.  One player with amazing talent and speed who has a remarkable day can be the difference maker.  A blown referee call can be the difference maker.

Now can we really allow our body of work to be defined by luck?

Here’s the article:

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Coach Randle

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