Practice What You Preach

Today I will officially move one of my U9 girls back down to her age group at U8.


Because it is the right thing to do for her development.  She will be able to excel and grow at a much faster rate with her own age group, while still learning and playing under my instruction.

Was it a hard decision?

Absolutely!  This girl was an intrical part of my U9 team this year and can play with the girls a year older than her.  But more than that, I am taking her away from the girls she spent her last two years with bonding and making friends.

The remarkable thing about kids is that they adapt so quickly.  It will be no time before she is bonding with her new friends.

Meanwhile, she will be gaining the confidence and leadership principles she wouldn’t have had I kept her playing up.

Like I said before.  At these ages it isn’t about competing.  It is about learning the Individual Tactical Intentions necessary for players their age so they can build that foundation for the rest of their careers.  It is more important for this player  to be successful executing the concepts then it is for her to be banging bodies unnecessarily with girls.  Not only that, she will be an instant leader and mentor to the girls on the new team which will help her grow as a person and soccer player as well.

It’s a no brainer!

So again I say, “Practice What You Preach”!  It’s not always the easy thing, but it is the best thing for all involved.

Coach Randle

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