[Exposed] Why Brazil Collapsed at World Cup 2014

What a great World Cup! I have to admit it was one of the most entertaining one’s I’ve seen in my lifetime. Even with the historic collapse of my sacred Brazil squad.

While the tournament was going on, I was watching strictly as a fan. As a fan I wasn’t able to really ascertain why Brazil struggled so badly.

After the event I watched as a student of the game and, very quickly it became abundantly clear why their demise was of their own doing.

Reckless soccer is what I say. There was no creativity at all. The movement off the ball was lackluster at best. Everything was from the centerbacks forward as they couldn’t create anything in their midfield. The midfielders were simply lazy and ineffective the whole tournament.

To make things worse you have two of the most talked about center backs in the game in Luiz and Silva. Both played undisciplined and reckless soccer. Diving on countless occasions, losing their marks and not covering for one another.

Why do I say this, because the thing that failed Brazil in the World Cup was fundamentals. They didn’t play fundamentally sound soccer. The same concepts I am teaching my 9 year olds are the same concepts they failed to execute that cost them the World Cup trophy.

The most important Pillar of Development for my kids are their Individual Tactical Intentions. These are areas of focus that all kids U12 need to master in order to set the proper soccer foundations. These are the same concepts that are carried out day in and day out through their soccer careers…The same concepts Brazil left in the locker room when they stepped on the field…

Over the next month or so I am going to break down some of the World Cup games and point out the 19 fundamental concepts I teach my kids who are U10…these build the foundation and are paramount in their soccer education…In the videos I will show you players playing at the highest levels executing these concepts…I will also show you players at the highest levels failing to execute these concepts and the consequences of those failures…All this is to give you a visual which will better help you understand the correlation between the fundamental concepts and their role in the soccer life of players…

Below I will list the 19 concepts for U10 players and break them down into their moment in the game as well as their area of focus.

A. Calling for the ball

a. Finding line of sight (support)

b. Proper body positioning (support)


B. Before you receive the ball

a. Attacking the ball

b. Protecting the ball (shielding)


C. First Touch

a. Receive with the foot furthest from the ball

b. Receive the ball into space


D. Driving the ball with the dribble (penetration)

a. Keep your head up

b. Take your space and draw in opponents

c. Dribbling the ball with the foot furthest from the defender

d. Changing direction on the dribble with one move


E. Driving the ball via the pass (penetration)

a. Passing when you have a dribbling option but the passing option is better

b. Passing when you don’t have a dribbling option


F. Marking (defensive)

a. PAD: Pressure, angle, distance – individual one vs one defense

b. Calling out your marks

c. Marking more closely when you are near the goal and more loosely when you are away


G. Covering (defensive)

a. Preventing the ball from being played in the middle of the field

b. Seeing the numbers of your teammate you are covering for

c. Orienting your body so you can see the player you are covering for, the player you are marking, the ball and the other opponents

d. When you get beat immediately recover to cover for your teammate who covered for you or recover to the near post


Stay tuned as we break these U10 concepts down with real professional game footage.


See you soon,

Coach Randle



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