What Makes a Great Striker?

What Makes a Great Striker

Before diving into this soccer training, lets start by asking this question:

How many of you watched the South American U20 Soccer Championships in February or even the Brazil National Team Game against Scotland in March?

If you had you would be aware of a 19 year old striker from Brazil by the name of Neymar.  Chelsea Football Club in England offered 30 million pounds, equivalent to 48,066,000 US dollars to sign Neymar from his Brazilian Club Santos.

Santos is the same Brazilian Club that developed Pele, one of the greatest players to ever play the game. You can imagine the effective nature of his soccer training. Now, Neymar is being termed as the next Pele. His training for soccer has given him the attributes, but it is really too early to make that determination.

So what makes Neymar so good and stand out from other players his age?  Quite simply, everything!

He possesses all of the attributes that make a great striker. His ability to change speeds is unparalleled.  His deceptive runs off the ball allow him easy access to the backside of defenses to play on goal. His touch is so deft. When he has his back to the goal, he holds the ball well to either turn and go on goal, or pass to another teammate to combine with.

When he has the ball in space he is the most dangerous. Even though he is not the largest player in the world, he is very fast and aggressive and has the flair and skill to make the highest level defenders look ridiculous. His technique and creativity compensate for his lack of size. His composure around goal is second to none. The strike he had against Scotland is a testament to that.  In traffic around multiple defenders, he sees the right side of the goal open and just slots a nice ball on the ground to the back of the net.

If I was to make a list of attributes that make Neymar a great striker, I would definitely have to include the following:


  1.  Deceptive Runs
  2. Change of Speed
  3. Great touch
  4. Composure
  5. Ability to finish
  6. Ability to get behind defenders
  7. Ability to beat defenders one on one
  8. Ability to play with their back to goal
  9. Ability to combine with other players and make runs off ball
  10.  Great pace

In some future lessons, we will speak about some different soccer techniques that will help you to create brilliant strikers that possess the skill and flair of Neymar.

Remember to keep it simple when training for soccer,

Coach Randle

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