3 Free Tips for Better Youth Soccer Training and Development

3 Tips for Better Youth Soccer Training and Development

When I was a kid my parents didn’t even know what soccer was, so they couldn’t help me pursue the sport. Today, many of you know what soccer is, but there is so much contradictory information out there that you have no idea where to begin.

So what I have done is taken all of the guesswork out for you and made it as simple as possible. Are you ready for this? Lets break it down.

The three simple points below aren’t going to be mind blowing, because getting better at something doesn’t require mind-blowing techniques. However, they will be life changing for you and your child in terms of the way you train and see this great game.

1.     Make Soccer More Accessible to Your Child

You don’t need grass to play on. That is the biggest misconception today in America.  The only time you see soccer is when it is at a school, park or stadium on a grass field. Street soccer needs to be embraced by young kids across this country.  There are infinitely more streets, driveways, patios, backyards and blacktops at local schools than grass fields to play on. Throw away the cleats, buy a pair of futsal, indoor soccer, or even running shoes and get them out practicing on the street.

2.    Teach Them To Train In Small Spaces with Limited People and Equipment

Truthfully, a space the size of your garage is all you need.  If you make it a chore for your child to practice, it will always be a chore.  How difficult is it for a child to pick up a ball, their cleats, some cones and get to a local school or park to find a field to practice on?  Not easy, right?  So what if they just had to grab their tennis shoes and a ball and step right out the back door into the garage? Do you think the convenience of the training facility would help their motivation to train?  You are darn right it would!  Teach them how to maximize training in even the most desolate places. The garage is a great place for kids to get creative with their technique. There are a lot of creative things they can do against the walls.

3.     Focus on Juggling and the Rest Will Follow

It’s a shame that 90% of American Soccer Players can’t even keep the ball up 100 times with their feet by the age of 14.  I’m going to share a quick secret with you here that will have your child begging you to practice once they achieve it.  Set a goal with your child to keep the ball up 100 times with just their feet. Every time they practice, they need to incorporate 15 minutes or so to perfecting this. Once they reach 100, you will never have to tell them to practice again because they will be motivated to do it themselves.  Juggling builds confidence, confidence creates motivation and motivation breeds creativity. Watch how they own their training and start to accomplish things with the ball that you only dreamed they could accomplish. Make this one a point and the other soccer parents will think you are a soccer developmental genius from the way your kid plays.

Applying these tips is an awesome way to see progress on the field. Hope this helps.

Take care,

Coach Randle


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