Possession Soccer at U9: Is it Possible?

So I am often asked by skeptics if possession soccer can be executed by 9 year olds?

My answer to this is a resounding YES!

But here is the deal, you can’t just throw a group of 9 year olds on the field and expect them to knock the ball around on day 1.  It is a very long and arduous process that takes great expertise and patience.

My current group of U8 girls going U9 in August have been training under my system for over 12 months now since they were 7.  Day in and day out for 3 times a week they have known and done nothing more than knock the ball around and make quick decisions.

At U8 level, which is what you see in the video on the home page, you will see the beginning stages of possession soccer.  It is not quite there, but the concepts are understood, just the execution lacks.

Once players get close to 9 years old, on average, that is when their faculties are at the stage where they can honestly execute and start stringing multiple passes together on a consistent basis.  Thus the real transformation from the “egocentric” stage of play to the “summative” stage of play.

It is truly a marvelous thing to see and I will get some videos up of my girls playing against “TOP” competition this year so you can see it for yourself.

Thanks again for joining me and always put development first….

Coach Randle

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