[EGOS] The Death of American Soccer

I will say this time and time again.  American soccer coaches, especially youth soccer coaches, have no business carrying around huge ego’s.  Yet and still, American Coaches have the biggest ego’s on planet earth.

Go figure.

Winning at the youth levels is NOT development so don’t get the two mixed up.  You can have both, but you can’t put winning before development or you are doomed to fail in the long run.

Now, like I have told you in the past, I’m not big on American Coaching Licenses because they all teach the same regurgitated wrong stuff.  I received my National “D” and will never go back.  The only reason I got my “D” was because there was talk that you would need it in the next few years to coach youth above the age of 14 so I wanted to hedge my bets.

Education is what will set you free!  I can sit down and talk youth soccer with the most educated people on earth.  I am a student of the game and always have my ears open to those that have gone there before me.  I have studied from some of the best youth minds in the world from both Brazil and Spain.

So I am quite frankly embarrassed here back home when I see how many of these clubs are just wrecking the game and futures for our youth with their lack of education and ego’s!

Let me impress something upon you very quickly.  I hold no ego.  I gave up the ego after I went over to Brazil and met some of the most influential educators in world soccer who welcomed me with open arms.

Yes, they welcomed this soccer stupid American with open arms and offered me the world!  Educators like Sergio Sapo who is a Brazilian Futsal National Team Legend, former Head Coach of the National Futsal Teams for Japan, Uzbekistan and Qatar. Here is a picture with Sergio Sapo and I at Grajau Tenis Clube and Escola de Futbol in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

Sergio Sapo & Coach Randle

Sergio Sapo & Coach Randle







Other educators like Jorge Luiz Da Silveira who is the current Director of Rio Football Training Center.  This center has housed many Brazilian Stars to include Marcelo (Real Madrid and Brazilian National Team Defender) and Carlos Alberta (Vasco DeGama Midfielder).  Jorge is also the former coach of the National Team of Qatar, Brazil U15 and U17 National Teams and a former coach at Fluminense.  Below is a picture with Jorge and I at the Rio Football Training Center in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Jorge Luiz Da Silveira & Coach Randle

Jorge Luiz Da Silveira & Coach Randle








I also had the pleasure of meeting Enio Faria, the founder of the Rio Football Training Center.  Enio is a former coach at top Brazilian Clubs Fluminense and Flamengo and is one of the most respected youth soccer minds in Brazil.  If you are talking youth soccer in Brazil, you will not find a circle of educators that doesn’t know who this guy is.  Below are Enio and myself at the Rio Football Training Center in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Below is a picture of Enio and myself.

Enio Faria and Coach Randle

Enio Faria and Coach Randle







And I could go on and on.

But I’m not.

The point I’m trying to impress upon you here is that there is no reason for American Soccer Coaches to be arrogant.  Honestly, we are second rate at best.  Even the best of us.  Even myself.  What have we really accomplished in terms of world football?  What platform have we ever built that others immolate for development?

If there is one thing I beg of you, it is to leave the ego at home, have an open mind, learn as much as you can, and pass that knowledge on to your children.

We owe it to them.

Coach Randle


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