About Us

About ElectricSoccer.com

ElectricSoccer.com was created by Coach Randle and is unlike any other
training program out there on the market. It incorporates the best of the best training
philosophies from the United States and Brazil and combines them to make an electric
product that creates electric players.

We don’t follow the hype and we definitely go against the grain of mainstream. Many of
our methods, though proven, seem very outlandish to many. But rather than just trying
to force them on you, we like to let the results serve as the proof.

We want you as players and parents of players to learn to think outside of the box and
not be afraid to go against the mainstream. When we say Americans don’t practice
enough, that is what we mean. When we say the US Soccer Federation is failing our
kids from the top down, we mean it! When we say you should ditch the cleats at an
early age and get some indoor or tennis shoes, that is what we mean. When we say
that the only training surface you will ever need is right there on the street that you live
on then you need to listen up. When we tell you that this little weighted and reduced
bounce salao ball, which looks like a volleyball, will increase your technique ten-
fold over a traditional rubber ball then don’t take it for granted. All of these things are
controversial and none will be endorsed or supported by large organizations at the top
here in America.

Why, because we have taken the politics out of soccer and put our egos aside. We’re
not afraid to say that our developmental process needs an overhaul in fear that we
will lose our jobs. We’re not so wrapped up in traditional American teachings that we
have failed to explore alternative methods that could prove better than those we have
adopted. In short, we have the only youth soccer training company in America that
has “dared to go where no other youth soccer training company has gone!” And the
best part about it is that you all are here to reap the benefits:


About Coach Randle

Randle J. Bowling is an important member of the Youth Soccer Community with a very unique soccer resume. Watching his step son play soccer for one of the local clubs, Randle saw how much was missing in lives of youth soccer players in their technical ability, athletic ability and life skills. Randle saw a tremendous need for proper coaching in the youth of today and has dedicated his life to growing the lives, values, dedication, work ethic and discipline of youth soccer players.

Randle has a wealth of experience that he has gained from his playing days at San Diego State University to his Brazilian Coaching Internships with three of Brazil’s most prominent clubs (Cruziero Esporte Clube, Clube Atlético Mineiro, America Futebol Clube).

Randle went from being a 16 year old soccer player at San Diego State to an eighteen year old with his life completely out of order. He realized that he needed discipline to grow as a man and turned down a professional contract to join the Army where he became a Sergeant in the Intelligence Branch.

Randle learned many things in the Army. Afterwards, he graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University fulfilling a life-long dream of becoming an Airline Pilot. Randle has been a principle in many successful businesses throughout the years and has now taken a passive role in all of them to rededicate his life to the soccer youth of America.

He has his National USSF “D” Coaching License and a Brazilian Coaching Certificate from CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) and FMF (Minas Gerais State Football Federation), Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.  Through his travels he has met some very influential figures in Spanish Youth Football and has taken two courses under their direction.  Randle will be going to Barcelona in February 2014 to study under some greatest minds in Spanish Youth Football.